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Watch the Save Nature Video and see the effects of Global Warming and its effects. The purpose of this video is to bring awareness about Save Nature and What WE can do to Protect and Save Nature !

Global Economy grown and growing significantly for last 2 centuries
but life / Planet Earth is at risk
Save Nature and Save Planet Earth for our children

Human life changed significantly in last 2 centuries due to high technology and industrialization. Human being is of the opinion that they are leading high standard of life at high luxury with out noticing how much emission (co2) , they are producing every day due to their activities namely; deforestation, green house gases and burning of fuel.

Scientists had foreseen long back and warned, still no adequate steps taken neither by the government nor people and today the globe is already experiencing "Climate Change and Global Warming" even now, if we do not realize and take needful steps the life on planet earth is at risk in fact the Survival of the Planet earth itself is becoming uncertain.

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GSNF is not against for the technology, but suggests to use it in optimum way
GSNF is established with the support of the Subbamma & Sreeramulu Foundation, Anantapur, A.P., India

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